Back to work

Thanksgiving was fun... now back to work!!!

--> Back at School



So Jon got arrested for shoplifting. He was waiting on line to buy something and he got annoyed and when searching for another faster line. All the other lines said they were closed, so he just walked right through one of the empty register aisles and headed for the door. On his way, he figured he was already stealing so he grabbed a bouquet of flowers too. As he got to the door, he seemed to invite the security guard to question him... it was as if he wanted to be caught... I on the other hand (who had also stolen some fruit roll-ups) walked right through while Jon was stopped and questioned. The guard asked him to produce a receipt and when Jon could not, the guard began to read him his rights. Jon seemed to think it was funny... that's just like him. He and the security guard then proceeded to the car where I was standing and Jon gave me the keys, told me to keep the car for him while he was dealing with this, and bragged about how he was gonna get off AGAIN. Yeah right... not this time...

But then again, we'll prob never find out what happened to Jon because that whole scenario happened in my head, while I slept. I think it makes for interesting reading, so I thought I'd share... Now off to a day of work including, but not limited to, project work/ASP lab for IT class, chemistry hw (must be done by 11:59 pm tonight), and math studying. I think I'm going to see the Matrix Revolutions later though, so that should be fun.

That's it for now!


Yeah... so about that chemistry studying... it never happened.

I hate myself... but I hate chemistry more!
Ben... now that's something I like.... a lot! Why isn't he here now... oh yeah, school. Damn

Grrrr... soccer.... instead of chemistry

Stupid me.... stupid stupid me.... once again I have put off chemistry instead of buckling down, sitting down, and doing it. Why you ask? I don't know. I just continuously do it... its become a habit... "oh chemistry work... I'll do something else". To make matters worse, i'm in Albany where, unlike lower NY, they do not show movies at 12 AM on the day they are supposed to come out. So I must wait until tomorrow night... again putting off chemistry probably. Furthermore, soccer killed me... again. It's this damn cold weather, it hurts my lungs... and I wanted to go to late night too... and now I'm hungry, and thinking of going to Albany for a very nice, very greasy cheese burger *remembers that he's poor now*... ok, so maybe something from the dollar menu at McDonald's will have to do. and then... CHEMISTRY (which I will again remind all of you (There is no one reading this but myself anyway, but I like to pretend) that I am going to fail again). OKAY... so I'm off to fail chemistry....

Hey... this is pretty fun... I have someone/something to complain to... I wonder if I'll keep doing this... hmmmm... Ben......mmmmmm... yummy.