Running out of Steam

So, since I last wrote, I've accomplished a lot. I have been using the computer post it notes to see what I've accomplished. Recently, however, I've not been working as hard and so have fallen a bit behind. After I finish this brief post, I intend on working until Brent lets me know its time to work on the project. Between now and then I'd like to accomplish:
1 NE 2 Quiz
2 NE 2 HWs
Finish reading psych

Not a huge amount, so it should be managable. Hmmm, anything else to report... I went out last night to Oh Bar. That was not fun at first cause Joe was being difficult but after a while it became better. Ok... time to work.


I feel... strange

Something strange happened in my dream last night. I don't remember all of it, only bits and pieces but I still felt the feeling from it all the way to work (CarXPC).

The dream involved Todd (my ex-bf) a couple years ago. I was traveling around to different places by train (France was definatly one of them), and all of a sudden he just appeared out of no where. I remember knowing in the dream that he was supposed to be away in the army, but after asking him about it, he seemed to shrug it off. We then went into some stores for a short time and I felt feeling I had previously when I was with him (while awake). It was amazing. Later, however, he disappeared and I couldn't find him. Eventually, he called on the cell and told me that he didn't really like me again but that he had used me and now had a GF (for some reason I didn't believe him and knew he was not completely telling the truth but was slightly being nasty, and yet at the same time, I could still feel the love that we had). I ended up seeing him at least one more time in the dream and then I woke up and the dream was over.

I woke up missing him and remembering how I felt with him. Its strange, but it made me think about things with Joe (current BF) and that even when we weren't fighting, I have never felt the way I did with Todd, with him. It's strange. I want that feeling again. That feeling of being similar with them (interested in computers) and the idea that they have some thing to teach me. I want that feeling again and I don't know it will happen with Joe, and today while feeling that old feeling from Todd, the thought came across that I was settling for somthing rather then finding the one I really want. And now I have the rest of the waking day to think about that, and accomplish things.

I'm gonna start working now.
See ya


Starting Today: DBC

OK... Starting today things will be different... and this will be the place to document my accomplishments. I'm going back to the DBC (Determination Breeds Champions) mentality. I'm going to keep being productive and working until it hurts and then I'm going to keep going. I will put here what my goals are and I accomplished each day, as well as other things. I'm not going to just sit around anymore and not do things. So now its time to start!


Can you believe how late it is? And what have I done? Nothing. Jon is an absolute horrible influence on me. He's here now, sitting on the futon with his Tablet (its a POS table, only 1.0 ghz). Eitherway, this is not good. I really should get something done. Jon and I found someone elses code to do some of the functions that we need but we aren't spending the time to actually read it and change it and write a driver function. Thats just stupid. We could be done by now... at least I think we could. Perhaps I'll do that price quote for Herman Law now, and then take a look at the code. hmmm.
Also, been arguing about this whole "Schiavo" thing and whether it is right to pull the feeding tubes out of the woman. At first I thought it was right... I mean c'mon; its been 15 years. But then I found out that she was more retarted then comatose, which is what I originally thought she was. So now I believe she should be left alone.

Ok... going to get something done and then sleep hopefully. I still have intentions on going to class.


Long Time, No Blog

Well, it's been a long time since I last wrote here. A lot has happened to me since then; too much for me to go into here but all the changes will be come apparent after a while of reading future posts. Eitherway, here are some of the quick things I can tell you:
New BF: Joe
New Car: 93 Geo Prism (my first)
New Job: CarXPC and RPI Union SysAdmin (Gave up the company... not sure if it was a good idea)

Still in college... not doing very well but trying to change that. I have this feeling that I'm not doing everything I could be doing in my life. This blogging thing was something that I did a long time ago as a result of Ben doing it, but now I think I'm just doing it as a way to look back. I doubt anyone will actually read it, but that's ok cause as I said, its for me.

Eitherway, I have to go put together a proposal for Herman Law (the one client that doesn't know I'm going out of business) and learn how to set up a VPN with a netgear router. Afterwards I believe that Jon and I will be studying Programming Languages and if he doesn't want to, I'll do it on my own.

I intend on attending all my classes tomorrow... no ifs, ands, or buts.

I'm going to learn more about what life has to offer and be excited about it. This will be one of my many pursuits.

Also: Kathy called and wants my ID back... perhaps more on this later.

Off to work... See ya