long time... no writing

well.. its been a long time since the last entry. I'm not really gonna summerize all the time in between. I'm still at RPI and still with Joe, though that has been going on and off recently. Eitherway, I had several wonderful nights out this weekend in NYC:

Friday: Spirit... then XL... then Opileen (club shelter)
Saturday: Heaven (gay college party)
Sunday: Spirit

On sunday night, the original cast of the broadway musical RENT was at the club and sang and danced. It was awesome. I have some picture which I will attempt to post later. Also, I went hiking and am on this atkins diet which will hopefully get me in to wonderful shape... we'll see.
Eitherway, off to sleep.

Hiking with Jackie

Went hiking with Jackie. It was nice to get away from everything and talk things through with someone else. Not that there was anything particularly important to talk about but still. We kept choosing the harder trails and even went off-trail once in a while. Unfortunatly though, as we got near the top, Jon called and insisted that return his car immediatly, and as I was 2 hours away (which he didn't know at the time) Jackie and I had to fast track down the side of the mountain, hop in the car and speed back to NYC. Oh well. It was a fun day anyway. I should do this more often.

Original cast of RENT singing live at Spirit!!!