Lots has happened... not enough time

Lots has happened since last post so I'm going to sum it up in a list of points:

Went to the city to visit jon (see previous pics)
Went to two nice bars but they weren't very crowded on the weekdays
visited his office
decided NYC may not be as wonderful a place to live as I had thought

got back to Albany area and have been sleeping in ActiveHost Datacenter

Spoke with summer professors who okayed late work from me because of the robbery

Saw movies
The Island
Must Like Dogs

Rented movie: Miss Congeniality 2

Watched 3rd and 2nd last episode of Queer as Folk

Moved into temp housing on RPI campus (Hunt III Room 1002)
Has A/C
Has suite bathroom

Spoke with RPI attorney and dean of students about compensation for safety issue
waiting to hear back

Switch my cell phone to my name
still need to get a new phone

bought a new t43 laptop for the fall and started the process to get a t42 loaner in the mean time

Am going to personal and couples counciling from 9 to 11 AM

Need to write 5 short papers, 2 research papers, read 14 chapters of history, take two midterms, and pass 3 cisco certifications before August 31st

Need to rework RPI class schedule

Am unhappy that many of my favorite TV series are ending
Queer As Folk
Star Trek --> don't know if there will be another series or any more movies

Need to sleep

Thats about it. I need to get some sleep so I can be up in <4 hours for couciling.

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