Video Post #3

Video blog #3

- Find video much easier than typing.. can get it done much faster but...
- unindexable or unreliably indexed
- have to watch the whole video to find out what I say and can't easily skim
- Problem with ideas like seesmic --> have to do things in someone elses time
- Monitization problems for companies and sites like youtube--> can't target ads well
- example of bad placement
- Tagging is current method but is no good (some companies do manual tagging)
- Used to think that solution was audio indexing with speech to text technology but not so much anymore
- What's really needed is Object recognition and intention recognition so we know what things are, what the point of the video is, and what the tone of the actions in the video are in relation to each object --> long time coming
- even when the semantic web comes about, video will still be a problem
- person who cracks video has a lot of opportunity or at least a good job waiting for them at sites like youtube
- Will post notes from now on

Personal Update:
- Weekend--> lost one debit card, broke another, can't touch my business acct because thats where the rent is coming from --> interesting situation
- Haven't slept cause I couldn't fall asleep
- Feel like I'm getting a lot done
- joe's coming tomorrow at 7AM and I have off tues thru thurs though I might have to do a small amount of work on wed
- Fought with joe... don't feel good about him... been having nightmares about making the wrong decision but need to get over that
- Began work on fundmii... will have template mostly done before I got to work today
- started keeping a list of blog topics (video wasn't on the list but became the topic when I started writing these notes)

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