WoW, Google Latitude, and Life

My WoW character Shlaric (level 18 Night Elf Druid)

Video Blog Notes:

World of Warcraft
- Highly addictive
- So many places to visit
- So many things to do
- level
- quests (of different types)
- dungeons
- PvP
- Expansions
- Achievements
- Talents
- Professions
- And then you get to do it all over again but completely differently!

- Now on Google Latitude --> buddyboy2006@gmail.com

- Working a lot... must get out of IT... can't stand dealing with peoples problems all day
- Update on drinking ban date
- Been going to the gym... not as much as I'd like but still losing fat
- Run 3K per day and swim
- FundMii work --> Http://www.fundmii.com
- Put Impaytient on hold

Interesting Idea
- Utility that creates easy table of context and index of Video

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