Remembering Miami...

So... This blog entry is mostly for me... not so much for readers (unless you were there with me)... I aim to capture as much as I can from the trip and afterwards so that I can come back and remember it. Some things may seem cryptic to readers, mostly because I want to remember them but don't want you to know the specific details...

Went to Miami beach from Feb 26th through March 15th... was there with Brandon Propst (the Gay Dragon)... daily schedule was wake up, beach, drink, beach, bar, eat a bit, drag show or other activity, home to change for going out, bar/club til 4am or later, home to pass out... start again.

This schedule started after the winter party and ended the day before I left. The Winter Party itself was a lot of fun... saw Chris Ryan and group, Dane (my ex-roommate), and soccer buddies. Met some new people Shane and Kevin.... Present from Dragon on Table... TOO MUCH!... Had fun watching the fire spinners at discotekka, at pool party, at HOT Park West with Brian and dancing under the sun next to Ajuna's replacement to Gravity and Halo remixes.

After Winter Party was over, it got a bit quieter (minus the daily morning wake up calls). Showtunes duets! Came out to Tickle Lady for dragon, extra money for him. Brandon and I established ourselves as semi-perminent residents at Palace bar and started hanging with Enrique and Nelson (bartenders there). SHOTS (spin the fingers)! We moved up from cups of alcohol to pitchers of alcohol (with lots of straws and cherries in them), and shots in between. Canadian avoidence. Drunken laptop shopping!

Omer came into town to stay with us... hawse hawse hawse... he was on the hunt from the very beginning... and though initially he wasn't satsified with the crowd, he managed to find some people to entertain him. Our trips to Palace continued after beach vists... we also met up with Danny (from NYC who had moved down there) and went to Buck 15 on thurs (where we started cut the line using $20)... Canadian fortune telling and me on the couch... and Living Room in Ft. Lauderdale on the next day... bad experience driving back but made it... Jon came into town... and joined us at Discotekka, where we got bottle service in our own VIP section (away from the other VIPers and down near the dance floor)... they had run out of VIP space and we made them create our own. Had an amazing time... it was the Britney Spears after-party. We loved the music, minus the fog horn blasts. THIS... IS.... MIAMI!!!!! Thank you Dragon for saving the night and me from HSBC. :-)

The week started again on Sunday and we resumed our normal routine. Omer and Jon gone. Met on the beach with Charlie, Mike, Anthony (kitty litter) and Tits and spent the rest of the time mostly with them. Dave and his boy Kurt showed up mid-week and we had fun with them too... showed him what Rush could be like HOT ASS CONTEST WON BY DRAGON.... Chicken fights...brandon horizontal, the haha game... football distance and left handed... Palace and personal bathroom in surf shop.... REALLY GUYS?, REALLY? ... Anthony with bartender at Twist. Tits last night at Score and me ANGRY...Discussion with Dragon about past... Diego met on the beach... Outback... paraho, parabaho, encentro, inventro, Too loud and business card on door... Twist... Magic tricks (beer, then bottle) VIP at Twist... $100 for random Halo on tab close... diego fiasco... Dragon unhappy and trashed.

Normal schedule... Tits gone, Cynthia arrives... Kumar found on beach, Enzo on beach, Ultimate frisbee turns into two-hand touch. Our own drag show from Nelson... FIREWORKS!!!... Robbie and Joe arrive... no buck 15 for them, met southern boy... VIP entry and bottle service for us (Grey Goose and Kettle)! Upside down dancing from the ceiling... Dragon on Cynthia and her on Dragon... Upside down slip, fall, handstand, so HA.... LOSE Kumar, WHOHOO! Twist, $125 tip for future Halo play to Karlos.

Friday, beach, plunger, Robbie and Joe... hookah, Doctors from England...Palace... Uppo, Downo, Outo, inno! ...drag show with Marilyn Manson with Nipples, Danny late... My Prediction... Danny rolling drop off... HIT AND RUN... MAJOR FIGHT WITH THE DRAGON, can't talk or move, Dragon almost Zacked!Score... little by little, Dragon on the side, twist, almost Halo, Dragon upset and trashed, Charlie brings him home. Concerned and sprint down washington and ocean, Dragon OK.

Saturday, No alcohol... Jet skiing with Robbie and (thank you Dragon!) ball breaking and ass pounding, 5 feet vertical, nice houses on island, statue, kids birthday party, switch postions... bad sandwiches... beach, limo and club arrangments, drag show at Palace, American Apparel and tickle request by me... Home, quick change, uppo downno outto inno drunko limo clubo gonoooooo :)... uppo downno outto inno ditto brando :)... back at palace, everyone late... Danny non-existant... Limo pickup (excursion)... PARTY!!! Loop around club... Arrive at Discotekka, MAJOR PROBLEMS, paid off everyone to finally get it right... but can't let stress go... can't let stress go, no roll, nelson and bf pick up by limo... limo flat, robbie and joe home in stretch towncar, Hummer Limo arrives, got til 6.... "take care of the dragon for me"... dragon danceing, party til 5... drop off everyone... just dragon and me.

Beach with drink, talking, poems in arms (If, Success, starfish-"It made a difference for that one.")... Halo, Ave Maria, sunrise, home to sleep. Robbie and Joe gone... Dragon and I on beach, no drinks just talk... tell me something interesting... Chick flicks...The Notebook... "I think this will happen again"... rush to pack, find a taxi with Brit....goodbye :-( ... plane with space shuttle launch, turbulence.

Next night, wakeup, last Miami Halo (whole song)... Thank you Dragon... miss you and Miami...

I have never had an experience like this one in Miami, shared payment and closeness. Blown away by it and the understanding of why by both... glimmers, "This is to have succeeded"... I appreciate that time I've had with the Dragon and hope/believe we'll have it again some time in the future. Will be happy to see the Dragon next Sunday/Monday.

I have left parts of this out and as they come to me, I will add them in another color.

If you're friends with me on FB, Check out my pictures and vids from my profile during the trip dates. Wish I could post them all here but there are too many... may be able to do it later.

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