Can you believe how late it is? And what have I done? Nothing. Jon is an absolute horrible influence on me. He's here now, sitting on the futon with his Tablet (its a POS table, only 1.0 ghz). Eitherway, this is not good. I really should get something done. Jon and I found someone elses code to do some of the functions that we need but we aren't spending the time to actually read it and change it and write a driver function. Thats just stupid. We could be done by now... at least I think we could. Perhaps I'll do that price quote for Herman Law now, and then take a look at the code. hmmm.
Also, been arguing about this whole "Schiavo" thing and whether it is right to pull the feeding tubes out of the woman. At first I thought it was right... I mean c'mon; its been 15 years. But then I found out that she was more retarted then comatose, which is what I originally thought she was. So now I believe she should be left alone.

Ok... going to get something done and then sleep hopefully. I still have intentions on going to class.

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