Refining my result set...

So, the indoor classic is now over. I played for the Rambler Green Team after much controversy and though I had fun, I'm again wishing I hadn't spent so much money. I'll post some pics later from the tiring day event and the crazy/quiet nights.

Now on to the topic of the post... On Sat night at the very end, I went to a bar with some socer friends that I don't normally frequent on a sat night... Vlada. Normally, I'm out blowing way too much money at Rush with the very young ones but I was out with more respectable friends so we ended up going somewhere different. Now, normally, I wouldn't really be so up for Vlada because I feel that the guys more around my age are more pretentious and stuck up and I don't like dealing with them so I don't. Additionally, I tell myself that I'm not really looking for a relationship now so its best to stick with the ones that I'm I know a relationship isn't going to work out with. Well who should I see as I walked into the bar but Seth Baer-Harsha, the southern boy from New Orleans that I met at Rush, back when it was called Heaven, many years ago. He doesn't remember me, but I remember him. He is barely 21, if even that, but seems to carry himself as a bit older. As far as I knew (from Facebook), he'd been out of the country for a while and I didn't know he'd come back (because he must have been hanging out in different places than me). Eitherway, he doesn't recognize me and I don't really say anything to him, but it is enough just to see him to bring back my feeling of wanting to find someone really good for me; someone who was mature and really matched me well. Whereas I thought I wouldn't have the time to spend meeting and dealing with getting to know someone new, I think it might be worth something to see what's out there and not close off any options just cause I don't have time. Additionally, I'm going to switch up where I go out, visiting places with older guys (guys around my age) more. This should give me a better chance of finding someone who is actually good for me.
My mind keeps coming back to how I saw Seth... Me arriving and him on his way out, giving me no opportunity to talk to him. Maybe I wasn't supposed to yet or maybe I'm not supposed to ever. Eitherway, it def meant something and I will figure it out.

Back to work!
Daniel Delphin, CCNP, MCSE

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